Chuck Nelson, President and CEO at the WAC

By | March 7, 2012

Cover of the WAC magazine.

I recently photographed former NFL kicker and punter Chuck Nelson for the cover of the Washington Athletic Club magazine. Chuck, who was also a star football player at the University of Washington, was recently named President and CEO at the WAC. I photographed Chuck, with and without his wife Nanette on the UW campus. We then went to the WAC, where I shot him having lunch in the dining room, talking to trainers in the gym and on the roof overlooking the Seattle skyline. I felt pretty good about the photos, felt there had to be a cover in their somewhere! I had packed up my gear when Chuck offered to take me and editor Barbara Schmitt on a tour of some of the quieter, less traveled rooms at the WAC, which is a beautiful historical landmark-designated building in downtown Seattle. He took us to a small room that had dark, wood-paneled walls and was filled with sports memorabilia. It’s a space where WAC members can meet for drinks, watch a game on television or just have a quiet moment to read the newspaper. There was this soft, beautiful light filtering in through the windows and I noticed these old sports plaques hanging on the wall – the light and texture I was seeing was just amazing. My gear was all packed up, Chuck had been so gracious to spend quite a bit of time with me, posing for photos without complaining about the time. I hesitated and then asked “do you mind posing for one more picture, quickly.” Boom………..cover of the WAC magazine.

This is the wider version, which I like because you can see the plaques on the wall a bit better. Makes for a nice backdrop.


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